The Nutrition Facts Label


The Nutrition Facts Label


Nutrition Facts

This short, catchy video shows where to locate key information on The Nutrition Facts Label found on packaged foods and beverages. Suitable for kids and adults alike, it offers a quick overview of calories, serving size/servings per container, and nutrients to help consumers make healthful choices when comparing foods.

The DV equals daily value label is very important for you. if you go over this daily value you will gain weight. Below this daily value and you could suffer from low metabolism and other dangerous illnesses. Stay within daily values and you should be safe.

Also remember to drink lots of water every day and take multi vitamins. Multi vitamins helps yur body to take care of it self.

Nutritious foods are usually good for you and delicious food.

So when shopping for you or your family look for the  label that says: nutrition facts. Read it and take note if you are not sure.

Vegetables and fatty fish are always good for you but it considderate volumes. Do not overdo this. It can be fun when you do this right.

Everything with moderation and you will be very happy reading these labels all the time when shopping from no on.



The Nutrition Facts Label

The Nutrition Facts Label


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